About Us

Mr. Mark Shah found AccessBit in 1998 in New York. He started his business from his home and started designing websites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He used to design, program, and sell by himself. Since launching, AccessBit has had the privilege of providing web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for major fortune five hundred companies including Sprint, United Airlines, and Peapod.com.

The Company has built a solid reputation in website development, content management, and maintenance. AccessBit provides solutions for a wide range of website development needs. From template solutions to virtual private server solutions, AccessBit can meet the needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses and beyond. They continue to add new products and services to their roster as they pursue their goal to be a global web application developer.

Many web application developers market themselves as field experts, but often lack the expertise that a company like AccessBit provides. There are three key elements that allow application developers to be complete. They are functionality, design, and content. AccessBit has teams that focus specifically on one of these variables at a time. Each member of this team is proficient in all aspects of application development, so once the application has been developed, the team collaborates in order to ensure that the application will function as intended and is easy to use. This approach has a built-in quality assurance model.

AccessBit’s corporate office is managed by the President and executive staff members. Employees report to their respective managers. There are seven departments within the company. AccessBit provides all staff employees with a comprehensive healthcare benefits package; which includes dental, vacation/sick paid time off, and life insurance.

AccessBit has over twenty-seven products and services for businesses and individuals. Currently, AccessBit’s products and services are divided into several categories: Web Services, eCommerce Solutions, Programming and Development Solutions, Database Management, Application Solutions, Mobile Applications, Graphic & Creative Designs, Web Hosting Solutions, Search Engine Optimizations, and Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Video & Motion Services. All products and services are designed to allow businesses to operate their websites effectively with low-cost maintenance. AccessBit’s Project Manager meets with clients online, face-to-face, or telephonically on a regular basis in order to get ongoing feedback that allows their individual needs to be met as needed.

We like to take you on board with your next project. Please keep us in mind for your next project and ask us any question or comment you may have or send us a request for a quote! We love to hear from you soon!