Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

The most effective websites are the ones that not only deliver outstanding customer experiences also informative and user friendly. A true website must look unique that stands out than others, it is yet informative. 

Therefore, It is important to find out the purpose of your website, who are your audience?  What is the nature of your business? Are you selling any product on your website? Is it just an informative website? Do you want to attract your customers and you probably also want to many of the customers function to get done via the website? Do you require custom programming? 

However, there could be millions of questions? You may have an idea that no one has it, you may want build your site completely unique and completely different. It may require many scripting and programming. That is where we can bring our development team to do the back end coding and programming, our graphic design team to take care all your Graphics including logo and our Video Production tem can do your motion picture needs. Our offshore development team can bring the cost effectiveness in your project also meet your deadline.

That is why AccessBit is your best choice when you have a custom design and development required. Value of a website is defined as giving the users a reason to return to your website for something they can’t find anywhere else or it is convenient for your customer to use your website. Probably you want to create a unique feature in your website that your customers are required to come to your website.  Our US Design teams and Offshore development teams are well qualified in creating custom websites that not only feature your unique capabilities, but also make it easier for you and your customers to do business with you.

A valuable Custom website design  integrates new technologies, innovative solutions, and proven marketing methods with:

 A user friendly Navigation and content layouts,

A clean, intuitive and a collaborative interface,

Relevant and focused information,

Cross-browser compatibility,

Mobile Compatibility and Mobile user friendly,

Search Engine Friendly,

Constantly update Search Engine key words,

Focus Your Niche market,

A user friendly Content management Systems implemented for a non programmer may update the text and images on the website,

We can create a Content management Systems that fits your business needs,

eCommerce shopping carts,


Image galleries,

Request a Quote Form,                     

Permissions-based content,

Simple form processing,                    

Product Catalogs and showcase,                                                   

Custom applications for additional functionalities,

Customer comments and feed back about your business and your website that is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers.

List can go on and on. Please discuss with one of our consultant and we can streamline your needs and we will deliver to you based on your requirements.

We focus our efforts on a variety of different types of site types, designs, graphics, video, slide show, navigation menu, interaction with you customer via the website, search engine optimization and functionality, providing you a high quality website solution.

Our Custom Website Designs are unique and are never duplicated for other customers. On our Website Custom Designing we do use any kind of template or open source CMS. There for it is only for your business and your proprietary property. We will hand over to you all programming codes, scripting, designs, images and videos.  Choosing a custom website design company can be a very frustrating process. Therefore our both design and development team can fulfill that needs for you.  

Our core business is Custom Website Design and web development. We are sensitive to the growing pains of small business and will work with you to provide you with a Custom Website Design and Development, especially because of our offshore team we can get your project done at an affordable price in very short period of time.

Please contact us via telephone or just fill out Our Custom Design Form.