Storefront Development

Storefront Development

Are you in need of facelift of your present eCommerce Store Front website?

Do you wish to start a new eCommerce Store venture?

Are you tired of managing all your Products update and Price Listing manually?

Do you want everything could be automated and live updates available to your Customers?

You wish you could upload all your products from your vendors updated automatically to your website in real time via a live update system?


An ideal store on the web should be easy to use, easy to update, easy to manage that is comfortable and flexible. As a store owner you should not be wasting most of your valuable time just to manage your site and keep updated everything manually. You should let the computer to do that for you.  Your customers should feel an ease and smoothness while making a purchase or just simply browsing your online storefront. It should provide all the needed information about all the products. All this should include the product description, the image of the products, the varied sizes and most importantly the status of stock i.e. availability. A customer should also be able to access the information related to order history, shipping and tracking order.

An online storefront enables the buying and selling of products and services online smoothly and conveniently, looks and feel should be as lively as possible, provide about the each and every products more than their counterpart physical storefront. Information about your product is the key these days to sell your product online. Since your customers can not touch and feel the product therefore you should provide as much as information you can provide about your product online.

AccessBit’s solutions enable customers to, from the convenience of their homes, search, and browse through details and check availability of a wide range of products.  They can select desired products and place online purchase orders conveniently, whenever and where they want!  Customers have the options to track and view the history of their purchase orders. We develop secure server pages and special server protocols that encrypt confidential ordering information to enable protection of online transactions.  Through our solutions, customer actions within the website and their buying patterns can be tracked to offer them personalized services such as offering products similar to purchase history, displaying services available in customer’s region etc. Customer details such as age, country and email etc, captured at the time of placing orders can be used to generate extensive market research and analysis reports. The shopping cart applications developed by us, enable the store administrators to perform tasks to manage and maintain the online storefront such as upload and update product details; view and process orders placed online. 

The storefront shopping carts integrated by us, we want to make sure that they are informative, user friendly, easy to upload and download product information and search engine friendly. 

We are expert in developing ecommerce websites that help in creating a wonderful experience for both, our clients and their customers. We offer a unique combination of ecommerce consulting and technical expertise. 

We are specialized in delivering the complete range of ecommerce site design & development, development and deployment of other tools & applications that aid in the growth of your business. Our services are tailor made not only to your business but also to the changing market needs. We stay updated with the current market trends and deliver the best suited solutions. 

  • The main highlights of our services include the following:
  • Strong user interface
  • Store owner and Vendor Interface
  • Real time update interface
  • Real time Price update
  • Real time Product availability update
  • Easy Product Search and track products
  • Access to order history
  • Ease to track order
  • Detailed product information
  • Discount Function
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mailing List Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Credit Card Validation & Online Payment Processing
  • Shipping & nearest shipping warehouse interface
  • Tax Management, such as Federal, State and Local Taxes
  • Keyword and Meta Tag updates for Search Engine Optimizations

 Depending on individual requirements and the complexity of the solution, AccessBit offers the following modes of development:

Open Source Support and Development:

Open source packages offer a wide array of functionalities and features for online shopping solutions. Open Source storefront shopping cart software can be easily customized to suit business requirements thereby lowering development time and leading to higher cost effectiveness. They are easy to install, have secure, flexible and modular architectures and have easy to use interfaces. We do support most of the open source Shopping cart that is available out there. To name few ASPx Commerce, CS-Cart, DashCommerce, Magento, NbStore, Nop Commerce, OpenCart, osCommerce, PDShop Pro, Vevocart, VPASP, Zen Cart, FishCart, XCart, osCommerce, Joomla shopping cart extension and many more.

We support our client to implement ecommerce storefront solutions by integrating and customizing the various packages to suit their individual requirements. 

AB eCommerce Development:

When the complexity of the solution is high or if the desired functionalities are not available through off-the-shelf products or if a more robust and scalable platform is required, the AccessBit Custom Development is preferred. We can develop a Storefront that meets your needs. 

AccessBit Development team possesses the desired knowledge and expertise to develop solutions from scratch, to meet the individual requirements of clients. Our extensive experience in various platforms and framework such as the .net framework or LAMP technology enable us to offer the best possible solution to our clients.