At AccessBit we are constantly developing new technologies so that we can offer our clients a new approach and technological individuality. Internet technology advances constantly, so why should your website use the same old standards?

Together we can pave the way and develop new standards in the industry.

AccessBit, Inc. is a Digital Production Company specializing in strategy, design, website development, Content Management Solutions (CMS), Customer Relation Management Solutions (CRM) and other web application development needs.

We cater from very small business to large enterprises. We have small business department to serve the small business solution needs.  

As well as we have Enterprise Division, this serves to our Enterprise customers for their needs.

Our core Development team is located in the United States and our offshore development team located in India.

We design websites for individuals, small & medium Businesses, and develop custom web applications for Enterprise customers, and non-profit organizations.

AccessBit is constantly developing new ideas and evolving with the ever-changing technologies in order to offer our clients new approaches and technological individuality.   

By utilizing talented minds with excellent skills and by building relationships with like-minded companies around the world, AccessBit, Inc. is able to offer clients a fresh approach with modest costs. We have established working relationships with companies in other countries that meet high standards of excellence and are able to cater to AccessBit clients.

These offshore companies are managed internally with strict guidelines for coding excellence.
AccessBit was founded in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007.  The Group’s service portfolio includes various company website and application developments to include:,,,, and many more.  They have also developed and designed custom applications with interactive capabilities.  

At AccessBit, we don’t stop at great technology. We make our expertise and experience available to our customers in a variety of ways. Do you need some additional technical support to ensure your solution is optimized for your requirements? We can help you. Would you like some additional training to make sure your teams become experts on the project that you requested to implement? We’ll train your employees and executives. We believe in that your success means our success! We view our relationships with customers as ongoing partnerships, and we’re here to ensure your success right out of the gate, and into the foreseeable future.

We welcome you to visit our website and please browse through various segment of our work and learn more about our company. Please contact us by clicking “contact us” link. We love to hear from you, your feedback, request for quote. We are here to server you and design breath taking websites and let the digital technology cherish our world!